Matt Walczak

I have been in Graphic Design and Video Production for over a decade, based out of Boston, MA. With a degree in Film from Emerson College, and a lifetime of odd tech jobs in addition to creative work, I bring an understanding of tech to my work, as well as a strong grounding in the arts. 

In addition to marketing- and media-related work, I also perform regularly on stages around the Greater Boston area. I am an experienced improv performer, a comedy writer, and I have created interactive arts pieces that have been featured at Main Streets celebrations, Open Studios events, and First Night Boston.

What I aim for in my work is the crossroads of the whimsical and odd with age-old design principals. Messy meets clean, anarchic meets utilitarian, a toddler with a marker meets a design firm in Manhattan (and proceeds to draw on their shoes & pee on the rug... point 1 goes to the toddler).

I bring all my skills, hobbies and life experiences to every job I have, and I think you'll be pleased with the result.





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